Ensoniq ESQ-1 Digital Wave Synthesizer (1986-1988)

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The ESQ-1 is a ridiculously cool polyphonic 8-voice vintage synth with analog filters. Grab your headbands and Aquanet: it's about to get real 80's in here. 

Even though she's got some age on her, the features on this thing are nice: it's a pressure and velocity sensitive 61 key (8 voice, 9 channel multitimbral) synth with three oscillators (32 waveforms), a 24dB low pass analog filter, four (4 rate, 3 level) envelopes, three LFOs, 8 track sequencer, versatile modulation..wait for it....and MIDI. 

Dig deeper into the modulation options and you'll find the ability to create organic, evolving pads and subtle shifting textures. The sound quality of the ESQ-1 is digital, yet warm and unmistakably '80s with tons of character and depth to what it can create. 

This amazing piece of synth history is lightly used for its age and has signs of love and use overall. But it still looks great and functions as it should. Grab this for your rig and we'll ship out the next day with the included bag!