Ernie Ball Music Man Axis 2009

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Holy dive bombs, look at the flame on that! Multiple builders made EVH guitars but the design that became the Axis is truly unique. This sweet shred daddy is crafted from basswood with a Pacific blue burst flame maple top that'll make ya swoon. Birdseye maple neck and fretboard (10", C profile), just as Eddie intended. 

This guy covers tons of tonal ground so it works great for blues guys, classic rock fellas, and of course shred heads. The locking trem is superb. Amazingly stable and pops right back to pitch. It's outfitted with a D tuner on the low E to get you to drop D and back with almost no effort. 

The controls are dead simple: single volume, toggle switch. The end. Well almost: the volume knob is a push/pull pot for spanky coil tap tones It is loaded up with a pair of DiMarzio humbuckers (N: 14.64k, B: 17.02k) that are brimming with punch and clarity. 

This guitar incredibly clean. There is a small ding on the edge of the back near the tummy cut. Otherwise it is in amazing condition. The luthiers here at EMS have given it a full setup to make it stage/studio ready. They've gone over it to insure that it arrives to you with level frets and zero issues. Grab it up and we'll ship it out with the original hardshell case.