ESP LTD James Hetfield Signature Truckster Black Satin

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We're gonna try our best to make as few Metallica puns as possible during this listing, but we'll have No Remorse if we let a few slip. Hopefully we won't become The Unforgiven. We're off to a great start.

This axe is unmistakable for any riff lover out there. The signature guitar of the frontman for arguably the hugest metal band of all time. Down picking only, please. The one and only James Hetfield signature Truckster, in classy Blackened finish.

Now let's Jump In The Fire with some technical specs. The mahogany body on this thing is much lighter than your average LP style, weighing in at a comfortable 7.5lbs, so you won't feel like you're Trapped Under Ice with this guitar around your shoulder. The maple Thin U-profile neck has a thickness of 0.800" at the 1st fret and 0.884" at the 12th, a nut width of 1.654", and rosewood fretboard with a 14" radius. All the fixings for you to Fight Fire With Fire as you chug up and down the neck.

Now let's talk about the electronics. This guitar is loaded up with the stock EMG James Hetfield signature pickups, rated at 9.02k in the neck and 9.01k in the bridge. These pickups are super hot and ready to Ride The Lightning. Down on the bottom you've got neck and bridge volume controls and a master tone knob, as well as a 3-way pickup selector. What does that other selector switch up top do, you may ask? Well, nothing really. It's what we like to call The Thing That Should Not Be.

And here we are. We've come Through The Never, and now at The Frayed Ends Of Sanity, you've learned all there is to know about this guitar. It's been very lightly used, but thankfully this one didn't pull The Shortest Straw, and it's in great playing condition. Our killer techs here at EMS have given it a fresh setup and ensured that it'll play like a dream Wherever You May Roam.

We'll ship it to you in its hardshell case so fast it'll give you Whiplash. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!