Etek Notemix

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One of the most compact powered mixers we've ever seen! The Notemix is a fully featured 16 channel mixer. The first six channels are mic/line input channels. Each channel provides a slider control for gain, 3-band EQ, three aux/effects sends, pan, and volume. 

Inputs 7 through 14 are controlled by two sections, Submix A and Submix B. Each submix panel provides a 3-slider aux/effects section (just like the mic/line panels), a PFL switch, and separate left and right volume sliders. The submix channels are helpful, allowing you to run a separate monitor mix, return effects, and so on. 

The DRX digital effects processor provides a switch for three different effects modes: Delay, Reverb, and Surround. A little LED illuminates behind one of the three names, indicating which effect is selected. The Delay and Reverb are available individually, or you can use them simultaneously when the switch is set to Surround.

There is also an Operating Mode switch for assigning the effects, whether to L+R/Aux/Aux3, L+R/Aux1, or Aux1/Surround. A third switch lets you choose between fast, medium, and long settings for Delay and Surround and between chorus, small hall, and large hall for the Reverb. Levels for the Delay and Reverb can be set independently using separate faders. Finally, a fader controls the effects output level, and a PFL switch is provided for the effects section.

This thing is clean and functions great!

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