Fender American Professional Jazzmaster

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YO! This guitar is cool as hell. A Sonic Youth inspired Jazzmaster build. It's a bit unique so follow me here...

This guitar started it's life as an American Professional Jazzmaster. It was originally black. Paint and poly stripped off, repainted green over white, finished in Nitro, beautifully reliced. The neck is an Eric Johnson Strat neck with a 12" radius, also with a nitro finish. It feels so dang good.

Following the nod of the Lee Ranaldo Signature Jazzmaster this baby is loaded with a Fender CuNiFe Wide Range Humbucker in the bridge that absolutely rips. Then tipping the hat to Thurston Moores Signature Jazzmaster, there is a re-wound stock Jazzmaster PUP that now sits around 8k and gives you that glassy single-coil sound you love from a Jazzy. The pairing sounds phenomenal. 


The body has been routed to move the 3-way switch from the top to the bottom. Also similar to the Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo models.

Aged hardware to match the relic work including Kluson tuners, and a replaced tailpiece from WD. 

All of this work was done by a professional luthier and has no "baby's first route" or any sloppy work. Super clean work all around. Fresh off the bench with level frets, setup and ready for stage or studio. Doesn't have a case included, but grab this one-of-a-kind, badass offset and we will get it shipped out safe, swift and secure.