Fender American Professional II HSS Super Stratocaster Mercury 2020

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Mercury may be in retrograde, but this sweet super Strat in a Mercury finish is an omen of all good things to come!

Crafted from toneful alder with a deep "C" maple neck (.820"-.920"), this American Pro II Strat is a gotdang rock machine. It has a comfy, playable 9.5" radius and outfitted with a 1.68" nut. 

Let's get to the fun stuff! This ain't yer grandpaw's Stratocaster. This is a modern tone beast that is full of tones and has tricks up both sleeves! The pickguard is loaded up with a trio of Fender V-Mod II pups (N: 5.95k, M: 5.74k B: 7.80k) with traditional master Volume, Tone, Tone control config. The lower Tone control Push-Push pot which adds the neck pickup regardless of where the 5-way toggle is positioned. 

The electronics also include a treble bleed circuit which better retains highs when rolling the volume control down. 

The American Pro II is a dream guitar for modern players who also don't mind a little vintage vibe once in a while. The pro techs here at EMS have given this beauty a full setup to ensure that it ships to you with zero issues, ready for stage or studio. It is used but very lightly so. There are surface level pick scratches on the pickguard (no doi!), and the same can be seen on the back in the right light (see pics). Overall it is a lightly played guitar that shows some signs of love and use but not abused. 

We'll ship this bad boy to you super fast and super safe in its gig bag! Feel free to give us a call with any additional questions you may have about it!