Fender Pawn Shop Series Bass VI 2012

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A little bit o' guitar, a little bit o' bass...the famous Bass VI. This is a rare one that you're gonna wanna snag quick. Coming in at one octave below a standard guitar, you can get those low end notes with an expanded note range and a super comfortable short scale neck. This black beauty from the Pawn Shop series is fully stock including that bridge position P90 which gives an amazing bark and bite that's perfectly matched with the lowend tones (8.11k). Of course you got the spank and sparkle of the neck (12.31k), and middle (13.73k) single coils!

This one has been lightly used and has a few bumps and dings but nothing that takes away from how this thing looks or plays! The badass luthiers here at EMS have gone through and given this thing a full setup to insure that it arrives to you with level frets and zero issues. It will ship the next day in the included Fender gig bag. 

Feel free to contact the shop with any questions.