Fender Blues Junior w/ Boost Mod

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The tried and true Blues Junior! The favorite of club players and traveling musicians of all stripes. It's compact, features a Master, Volume, Band EQ, and that sweet Fender reverb. It's just the perfect workhorse. 

This one has some specially special sauce. It has been modded with a Bill M clean boost circuit. It includes a footswitch that kicks in the boost to push your sick licks out in front. When using the boost footswitch, the Fat switch will be permanently engaged. If you go back with a standard two-button footswitch, the Fatness becomes switchable again. The Reverb switching has been disabled to allow for the boost mod, so Reverb is taken out simply by turning the Reverb knob down. 

This lil powerhouse has been loaded up with a Cannibis Rex 12" speaker along with JJ Power tubes and EHX tubes in the preamp section. Sick! It absolutely rips and sounds like Blues Jr oughta. 

This Jr is super clean and ready for stage or studio. The pro techs here at EMS have gone through and made sure this amp ships with zero issues. It'll ship out lightning fast!