Fender Cyclone 2003

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The Cyclone is truly a unique beast that is full of tones and playability that many players overlook. This MIM Cyclone in metallic grey is an absolute stunner. It's a rockin' little single coil/humbucker machine that sports a poplar body and maple neck (C profile) with a 10" radius rosewood fingerboard. The deep cutaway lets you get access to all 22 frets. Get up in them high notes! The neck (845"-.883") is comfortable, fast, and easy to get around on and also sports a 1.656" nut. 

This tone machine began life as a Cyclone HH double humbucker offset but it has undergone a great transformation into a traditional Cyclone. The stock single coil has been swapped out with this Lindy Fralin Steel Poled 43 Strat neck pickup (8.74k), and of course in the bridge you have that fat, toneful Fender humbucker (16.69k). In addition the original pickguard has been swapped for this WD Custom 3-ply guard. The original pickups and pickguard are included so if you ever wanna get weird and change it back over to an HH.

Physically it is in excellent shape. Our luthiers repair a small crack in the finish inside the upper cutaway (see pics). But otherwise this guitar is hella clean! 

Also thanks to the pro luthiers here at EMS, it plays as good as...nay, better than the day it rolled off the line! They have given it a full setup and insured that it goes out with level frets and zero issues! It is fully ready for stage or studio. It will be packed securely and shipped safely the next day with the included hardshell case.