Fender Jason Isbell Custom Telecaster 2020

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This is cool Tele. The Jason Isbell Custom Telecaster is visually striking -- the Chocolate Sunburst pops against the cream double-binding of the ‘59-style Telecaster Custom body while Fender's Road Worn aging process gives it the look and feel of a well-used instrument. The vintage-inspired mid-'60s "C"-shaped maple neck and 21-fret rosewood fingerboard combines with the sparkling, fiery tones of the custom Jason Isbell Telecaster Pickups and the chicken-pickin' playability of the modified bridge to create a guitar that sounds and plays as a good as it looks.

  • Double-bound body
  • Road Worn Chocolate sunburst lacquer finish and aged hardware
  • Mid-’60s "C"-shape maple neck with 7.25" rosewood fingerboard
  • Custom-designed Jason Isbell Telecaster pickups
  • Custom-modified bridge with vintage brass barrel saddles

Now that you've heard the details and description from Fender, let us tell you a little more about this sweet treat. These are getting pumped out of the factory too fast. Poor Jason would probably flip the tables if he knew his name was attached to such careless work. This thing had glue on the board by the nut, the frets were not level at all, the neck wasn't aligned in the pocket correctly, etc.. It played like absolute garbage. Typical of a lot of new guitars that aren't coming from the Custom Shop these days. 

Lucky for you, you're not buying this guitar from Fender or Brand New from a Fender dealer, you're buying it from us, and we just so happen to give a bit more a shit than your average shop. 

This guitar just got the bench and now it plays like butter. The frets are level, there are no sharp fret ends sticking up, the board is cleaned and oiled, and the setup is spot on. We gave it the EMS treatment and now it's ready for stage or studio.  

We'll ship it out lightning fast upon payment. Don't sleep, it won't be here long.