Fender Precision Bass Lake Placid Blue 1961

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Well this is just a killer piece of kit right here.

Possibly the most well-known model instrument in it's respective field, the Precision bass from Fender was literally a game-changer, being the first electric bass ever built, and boy did they do it right. 

From there, it took little to no time for the world's most proficient players to gravitate to this instrument and immediately start defining a sound that players 60 years later are still trying to achieve. 

Jamerson, Sting, Kaye, Duck Dunn. They all knew then, and everyone knows now.

Factory refin about 30-40 years ago. It now has beautiful checking all over the place. Slab, clay dots, all the appointments are here. Original pickups. It has had a re-fret at some point in it's life but plays like it should and sounds incredible. Really has to be played to be fully appreciated. You could consider this one a "high value player grade". It does not belong in museum, it deserves a better life.

Ships super fast, fully insured with an additional pearloid pickguard and gig bag.

Someone is going to be very, very stoked.