Fender Shields Blender

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Oh how we love MBV. Never has noise and psychodelia come together so perfectly. We also love the classic Fender Blender. So yeah, this is a win-win. 

Kevin's affinity for the Fender Blender sound led to the world being gifted this creation. The Fender Shields Blender resurrects the mythical 1970’s fuzz and injects a subversive feature set.

At its core, the Fender Shields Blender echoes the tone of Shields' own vintage 1970s Fender Blender, thanks to carefully hand tracing the circuit from his personal fuzz box. Built around this vintage circuit are entirely new ways of controlling and blending the original fuzz voice.

Two footswitchable channels of fuzz, each with dedicated level controls, offer the ability to blend the fuzz voice with your clean signal or to blend the fuzz voice with a beefy suboctave fuzz, while the sag footswitch introduces sputtering and ducking effects like never before heard, all controlled by the intensity of your playing dynamics.

This shoegaze dream very lightly used, very clean, and sounds amazing. It ships the next day with the original box and manual.

It ships the next day! If you have any questions about this pedal, give us a shout here at the shop!