Fender Telecaster USA 2006

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Holy damn! Someone took this 2000's American Standard Tele and made into the best version of itself. This one has been professionally refinished in nitro just like the early classic Teles giving it a classic look and feel (no more tacky feeling poly!). The back of the neck has been stripped and oiled so it's smooth and allows for smoother, faster movement around the neck; plus it looks really cool. And it weighs in at only 8.5 lbs!

The real secret weapon is the super flexible David Allen triple selector bridge pickup. The low output you can think of old school Nancy tone or Bakersfield tone, bright clean clear maybe chimey. Middle is more traditional output just great ll around tone and the high output changes to a thinner wire too and has more of a warm mid tone and a push to it. Three different tonal voices in one bridge!

The badass luthiers here at EMS have given this baby a full setup so this beast is ready for stage or studio. It ships the next day with the included softshell case.