Fender Toronado Custom

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The Toronado was debuted in the late 90's and quickly was adopted by lots of notable players for it's uniqueness. 

They came stock with 2 Humbuckers and were hardtail. This one has had some really rad customizations that set it apart from any other one on the market.

First is the obvious, loaded up with with a humbucker in the bridge and then a single coil in the neck. 

The second is the tailpiece. The body has been modified to accommodate a Strat-style floating tailpiece, and the routing work is top notch. (wiggle stick not included)

It was originally black and has been repainted in this rad orange color. The paint job is stellar as well. There is a small ding on the top of the guitar where the original black paint and the bare wood are exposed. This has been sealed back up and the wood feels like it has a clear coat on top of it so the paint will not continue to chip. Knobs have been replaced with MXR-style Black knobs.

This pretty baby has level frets and perfect action and will ship ready to plug and play with a hard shell case. Really cool chance to snag a hard to find guitar with a one of a kind setup.