Fender Tremolux 6G9-A 1962

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An absolute gem from Fender's pre-CBS years, the 6G9-A Tremolux. This piece of amplifier history comes in the lovely blonde tolex wrapped Head and Cab configuration, and it looks almost as great as it sounds. 

Did I mention this thang is clean and super quiet! Big, warm, clean vintage tone. Handwired perfection. This amp has a ton of headroom on tap but will get some classic breakup on the upper end of the volume. The trem is exactly what you're picturing: perfect. Pulsing and even choppy when you crank up the intensity. 

We opened this bad boy up to see what makes it tick, and let us tell you it is beautiful. There has been an adjustable bias pot added, and both channels' tone stacks have been slightly tweaked. On the Normal channel, you have a bit of increased gain and a slightly more mid-focused tone, while the Bright channel has had the bright cap removed on the volume pot and replaced with a 470pf treble cap. This sounds very close to the stock tone, but just slightly warmer. The cab, although originally loaded with a pair of 12" speakers, has been modified and fitted with adapter rings to be compatible with 10" speakers, and it has been loaded with a Celestion G10 Vintage speaker, and a Weber Silver Ten.

It's been given a very clean cap job previously. We still can't believe what INCREDIBLE condition it is in. This is your chance to grab a beautifully clean vintage Fender. 

Professionally serviced here at EMS to ensure the mojo you expect when you plug in. We'd rather not ship this head and cab, but it would absolutely be worth making the road trip to Nashville to pick it up. If you can't make the drive but can't live without this badass amp, feel free to give us a call here at the shop and we'll see if we can work something out.