Fender Tweed Tremolux 5E9 "Narrow Panel" 1958 w/original "Door Stop" footswitch

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Well this is just a sweet little piece of Fender history right here. The Tweed Tremolux was built from '55-'66 and featured a slew of changes along the way, from circuit to covering, speakers and tubes.

The '58 5E9 Tremolux was a 6V6 loaded 1x12 that pushed about 18 watts and has a similar feel of vintage Tweed Deluxes of the time, but with that sweet, sweet tremolo of course.

Used, but not abused, this amp shows obvious signs of it's age, but has been well maintained along the years and is ready to find a new forever home.

This amp just received a clean bill of health from our tech. Over the years we can tell that it has been very well maintained, having all necessary repairs done to allow this amp to be playable. Cap job, three-prong and the likes. The speaker has been replaced with a Celestion Blue, comparable to the original Alnico speaker that was included. Iron is all original, and it has the original wooden "door-stop" footswitch!

This tweed baby is a vibe machine and still has many stories to tell. We know whoever ends up with it will be very happy and find plugging it in alone brings tons of inspiration.

Unless it's you, Joe Bonamassa. You got too many Tweeds Joe, let someone else get this one.

We'll ship it our safe and secure, fully insured to it's happy new home.