Fender Vibrolux Reverb 1965

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The holy grail Fender tone. Hot damn! Classic black-panel Fender tone, sparkle on the top end, and more headroom (than, say, a Deluxe Reverb) with lots of volume for those loud stages (and loud drummers). 

Man, the stories this amp could tell. Just at a glance you already know this thing has seen countless stages and recording sessions in its near six decade career. It's got battle scars aplenty. This thing was LOVED, and it deserves to continue to be loved!

And of course any amp of its age has also seen its fair share of time on the repair bench. The power transformer has been replaced recently in this bad boy, but thankfully it still retains the original output transformer. The speakers at some point in its life were replaced with a pair of Eminence 10" speakers that appear to be from the 90's, it has been re-capped, and it was loaded up with some groovy old USA power tubes! 

Our killer amp techs here at EMS gave this amp a nice spa day and replaced the old 2-prong power cord with a safer 3-prong, and replaced a few old preamp tubes, so you can be sure that this fella will arrive in your hands with a clean bill of health!

We'll make sure this sweet baby is packed nice and safe and ships super fast. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!