Fender Vibroverb Brownface 90's RI 2x10

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Calling all Jeff Buckley fans. Or any fan of good Fender tone for that matter...

The reissue Vibroverbs that Fender did in the early '90s are SICK. We can promise you that, cause that's what this guy is and it's fantastic. 40 watts with 2 punchy 10 inch speakers, classic Fender spring Reverb and the brownface harmonic tremolo we all know and love. 

This guy shows a little sign of use. There are a few small tears in the grill cloth, some nicks here and there and what appears to be gray paint on some of the bottom of the tolex, but all of this is strictly cosmetic.

The original speakers have been replaced with high quality Warehouse Guitar Speaker Veterans and they sound incredible. The tubes are old stock Sylvania 6L6GCs. The original footswitch for the reverb and trem is also included. 

These amps don't pop up on the used market for sale very often and for good reason. THEY ARE FREAKING SICK. 

This amp has been completely gone through by our resident badass amp tech and is good to go with zero issues whatsoever. We'll get it packed safely and shipped quick as soon as payment arrives!

Feel free to call with any questions!