Fuzzrocious Pedals Electric Ocean

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Electric Ocean is the first foray into phasers for Fuzzrocious.  Ryan from Fuzzrocious has owned the Roland AP-7 Jet Phaser a few times, but struggled with having such an expensive, heavy, vintage pedal where he didn’t use half of the features. This pedal is not a clone of, nor is it based on the AP-7, but rather a love letter to it. They’ve brought you a focused, easy to use fuzz-phaser that will keep you heard and present in the mix with all the features you need, leaving the stuff you don’t out of it.

Feature sets include:

  • OTA driven phaser – chewy, stable
  • Tight fuzz with present mids throughout tone sweep
  • Fuzz On/Off Toggle – you can use the phaser by itself
  • Effect Order Toggle – fuzz into phaser OR phaser into fuzz
  • Internal trimpot (lower trimpot) to focus the voicing of the phaser – clockwise guitar/counterclockwise bass
  • Top-mounted jacks
  • Runs at 9V DC output center negative power ONLY

Dive in. Life’s a beach with Fuzzrocious.