Gibson ES-330 1962 (Center Stage Guitars 335 Conversion)

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Well we got an interesting one here! 

This sweet axe started it's life long ago as a P90 loaded ES-330. Along the way someone made some questionable decisions, and decided to route the body for humbuckers. This all too common issue happens with a lot of vintage pieces in the '80s where they thought all the old guitars sucked and needed modded. That's the bad.

Now the good. We're looking at a player grade '60s Gibson with a reasonable price tag! 

The folks at Center Stage Guitars gave this guitar a new lease on life by throwing in some new electronics and Gibson humbuckers, as well as a Bigsby B7 that stays in tune! 

The frets are level, it's got a comfy "D" shaped neck with a 12" radius. 

Neck thickness - .810 (1st) .900 (12th) Nut width - 1 9/16ths

The resonance! Holy CRAP. Say what you want about the guy who routed the body out, but you can't knock the warm vibrations that this guitar puts out. The wood don't lie and this guitar is sure to give you feels as soon as you strum a chord.

Beautiful checking on the top that shows its age and alludes at the stories.

We will pack it up and ship it out safely. It includes a Guild hardshell case originally made for a short scale bass, but will protect it none the less.