Gibson Falcon GA-19RVT 1962

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Go back in time and grab the classic guitar tone you crave and bring it into your modern day rig. That's what the Falcon does for you. Classic 6V6 tone pumped through a Fat Jimmy Amps 12" speaker. Add to this recipe the onboard reverb and tremolo, and forget about it! This amp is a workhouse that's been going strong since the 60s. Cosmetically this amp looks good for its age, with some skinned knees and elbows around the corners (see pictured). And it sounds incredible and functions with zero issues. In it's travels it appears to have had some work done, including being re-capped, an upgraded 3 prong AC power cable, the original cone was replaced with the aforementioned Fat Jimmy Amps speaker and the back panel on this amp is not original. 

The pro techs here at EMS have gone thoroughly through this amp given it a clean bill of health. It's clean and tight and ready to hit the stage and studio. We will pack this up swiftly and safely and get it on its way to you the next day with the original footswitch. If you have any questions about this or any other amp give us a call here at the shop.