Gibson GA-20T 1957

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A remarkable sounding late 50's Gibson amplifier. Monstrous drive when cranked on the 1st channel MIC input and an immaculate tonal spectrum when plugged into INST input. The second channel includes a stunning tremolo sure to mesmerize audiences from studio and stage alike. 

This vintage baby has been given the royal treatment to make it a modern gigging colossus! First let talk about them pretty looks: this one has been given a full re-tolex job which gives it that fresh-on-the-line look. 

Internally it has been given a full recap (a necessity for an amp of this age); both trem depth and speed pots have been replaced so that they work great. It's been given a new speaker baffle board and a Weber 12A125A 12" Alnico has been installed and my gosh it sounds heavenly!

Originally the output transformer would've been mounted to the old speaker, but this one has been modified so that the output transformer has been mounted to the amp chassis. 

This amp has a complement of groovy old tubes that keep its link with its groovy past including a pair of RCA 6V6's. One extra touch on the tube front is that a 12AX7 has been put in the V1 position for a touch more gain. 

It's like this classic amp has been given a new lease on life and it's ready to hit the stage or studio once again. Add it to your rig and we will ship swiftly and securely. 

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