Gibson Les Paul Jr. Upgraded 2015 100th TV Yellow

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Happy Birthday to the man himself! 

Les Paul needs no introduction. The impact he had on guitars continues to be present as his namesake is still applied to one of the best guitar designs ever created. 

The 2015 birthday edition featured a few upgrades to the classic design, a few of the those being actual upgrades like the zero fret, the thicker rosewood board and the slightly wider neck. It also came with G-Force tuners (puke), a disgrace and downright disrespectful to the legend. So those have been removed. Locking Sperzels have been put in place, as well as a Lollar dog-ear P90 (7.52k).

The beautiful TV Yellow baby weighs in at 8 lbs and is ready to ship with the included deluxe gig bag to your home with level frets and a spot on setup.