Gibson Skylark GA-5T

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Well looky what we have here! Is this not the cleanest damn Skylark you ever did see? The GA-5T is an early 60s 5 watt, 1x10" sleeper amp and folks are slowly realizing that this amp kicks ass! Sweet vintage tone that you can crank without getting the cops called. It's like a more affordable (and cooler looking) tweed Champ. 

This amp has a fresh new handle, 3-prong power cord and an amazing pair of Tung-Sol output tubes, a replacement output transformer, and tone. Lots of fuckin' tone. It has a great Champ-like clean up to about 3 o'clock and then it gets into a thick, harmonic breakup that will send you into rock n' roll heaven. The tremolo (accessible by pulling the Frequency knob) is warm and vibey. Yum. 

This amp has been gone through and checked and it's ready for stage or studio. It is so fresh and so clean. Grab this vintage beauty and we'll ship 'er to you lightning fast!