Gretsch Double Anniversary Sunburst 1967

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Killer Double Anniversary Gretsch.

All original from 1967 which means this sweet piece has got some bumps and bruises. We like to call it "character". Let's talk about the not so good first. There are some dings and scratches kinda everywhere, but hell the guitar is over 50 years old! The binding is chipping/falling off in some places, which is expected as this is common for all Gretschs' of this era. The frets have been worn down a good bit and there might be one level left before it's refret time. The saddle is bottomed out which means there will need to be a neck reset whenever it's refret time. Again, all common issues from a Gretsch from the 60's, it's just that most shops won't tell you this when they sell it to you. We ain't like that.

But that's it! Other than those few future issues and cosmetic boo-boos this thing is fun to play. It's got low action and plays super easy. The pickups sound awesome. There are no dead or splatty notes until you get up past the 12th fret, but let's be honest, you're not buying this guitar to play Pantera or Yngwie on. You shouldn't be up that high anyway... Keep it to cowboy chords and 1st/2nd position and you're as golden as the finish. What you will find is killer resonance and loud percussive chords that sing out with the vintage "woody-ness" that you want to hear from this thing. It pretty much sounds exactly like it looks like it should. 

Please don't buy this guitar if you are super particular or looking for a museum piece. It's been played, and needs to continue to be played. Take a good look at the photos and let us know if you have any additional questions. We'd be glad to help and can't wait to find a new home for this rad guitar.

We will ship it out in the original hardshell case stupid fast after it's paid for.