Harmony H-515 1x15 Combo

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The H-515 is a handsome little tone devil from the late 60s! The way these vintage solid state guys fly under the radar is criminal! Forget everything you held against solid state. This amp rips!

Coming in at 18 watts, it has a nice warm headroom up until about 4 or 5. At that point it starts to break up in a way that will leave garage rock aficionados speechless. It has a tremolo that is mellow and vibey but keeps your unaffected tone front and center. It's closed back but is ported on either side of the amp to allow for just the right amount of air movement. 

This one shows signs all over of love and use with dings and bruises here and there. That's what five decades of rock n roll life will get ya. Worth it!  The left side port cover is missing. None of these cosmetic issues take away from the cool aesthetic or tone and functionality of this amp. This amp has been gone through and serviced and works great. It's ready for stage or studio. We will ship it out to you lightning fast and securely packed.