Harmony Stratatone H42 ('57-'60)

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If you know us, you know we love quirky, off-the-beaten-path vintage guitars! Harmony made some of the coolest axes that have endured to the modern day. 

This Stratotone H42 features a thick "C" neck. And I mean thicc (.976"-1.21"). It's got girth but still playable and feels great as you move around the 12" radius fingerboard. 

It's been refinished at some point in its illustrious career in this stunning yellow ocher color (hats off to Bob Ross for teaching us words like ocher). It's been done brilliantly and adds to the overall clean and fresh look of this instrument. It's also been outfitted with a new bridge and saddle. 

Loaded up with a single "hershey bar" DeArmond pickup that'll bring in the tones that will make the dogs howl (3.62k), it's got a tone that can bite but also be sweet. One pickup, one stacked pot for tone and volume. And if that's too complicated for your taste, flip the slider switch to bypass the tone. Nothing will stand between you and your riffs. 

This guitar, in addition to a refin, has received a new bridge and saddle by our techs here at EMS, so it's not original, but still a beautiful guitar that retains its original mojo and tone! The pro techs here at EMS have also given it a full setup so it will arrive to you with zero issues, ready for stage or studio. 

It ships the next day in the included gig bag!

If you have questions about this guitar or any of our gear, give us a shout here at the shop!