Hi-Tone HT30 Head and HT2121 2x12 Cab

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Holy Jimmy Page! We're not drooling, you're drooling!

Hi-Tone amps were born out of respect of amp pioneer Dave Reeves and his circuitry and “Mil-Spec” wiring techniques, used by some of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s legendary musicians from the late 1960’s to 1981. Cranking out 30W (switchable to 15W)) the Hi-Tone 30 is one of the most badass creations we've ever encountered. It has the headroom you need that has a wide, clear midrange along with deep low-end and brilliant highs that work dynamically with your playing. 

On the gain side of things (aka the fun side), you get loads of punch and chime. Did I mention the lowend on this thing is massive? It has an overall transparent feel that let's the character of your guitar, be it single coils, P90s, 'buckers, come through. 

Across the front panel you've controls for 3-band EQ and Presence along with independent Volume knobbies for the Normal and Brilliant channels. A Master volume rounds out the controls, where you can set you're overall output then crank the channel volume for sweet crunch!

This amps is amazingly built. The tones are heavenly. Overall it shows minor signs of exterior love and use with some dings and small tolex tears (see pics). Both the head and cab have the original slip covers. We will ship if we must; packed up securely. We'll get it out the door to you lightning fast.