Hofner Contemporary Series CS10 Club

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You know the name, and you know their basses are utterly iconic. But you probably don't know how kickass their guitars are. These Contemporary Series guitars from 2013 were a solidbody recreation of Hofner's classic Club archtops from the 50's and early 60's which were often seen being played by the likes of John Lennon and George Harrison.

Weighing in at 9.22lbs of solid mahogany body, this black cherry beauty comes loaded with two hi-power mini humbuckers (N 7.19k, B 9.47k). You won't have to worry about feeling too cramped with the 16" radius on its maple C-profile neck (.828-.954); your fingies will have plenty of room to stay out of each other's way. Speaking of the neck, look at those fret inlays! Remember those strawberry shortcake popsicles from the ice cream truck? Equally as delicious. Now just imagine if they made those in black cherry flavor. Damn, now we're getting hungry.

This guy has received a fresh fret level and setup from our master luthiers here at EMS, and is rip roaring and ready for any riffs you can throw at it. It doesn't include a case but we'll pack it securely and ship it safe and sound straight to your door. Does anyone else hear ice cream truck music?