Intellijel Shifty

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Creativity Router

Patching is all about creativity. You could simply mult your sequence across your rack or let Shifty spread the notes across time, holding, swapping and routing them. Queue up notes or CV for distribution to up to four modules and dive into the world of hocketing, shift registers and pseudo polyphony.

Shift Expectation

Shifty is a combination of four sample and hold stages, a sequential gate, and a sequencer controller. This collection of functions allows for some inspiring and useful utility applications, such as clock dividing, or controlling up to four voices with intricately evolving melodies or chord changes.


  • Voice Allocation Mode alternately routes incoming CV and gates to up to four voices
  • Shift Register Mode stores four incoming CV values and sends it to voices sequentially
  • Choice of four different voice order directions
  • Pitch outputs are driven by a precision quad DAC to avoid voltage droop
  • GATE input can be toggled between track or sample and hold
  • Manual GATE button for sampling/tracking and advancing the sequence
  • Manual RESET button and jack

This little modular baby is very lightly used and will ship stupid fast with it's original box.