JAM Pedals Boomster Mk.2

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We are stoked about this labor of love from our homies at JAM Pedals: the Boomster mk.2!

Although labelled a mk.2 version, the Boomster is a complete redesign, reflecting a future-proof vision of what this genre of devices should deliver and accomplish.

The musicality of the 3 carefully tuned voicings of the booster and the corresponding internal trimmers allow perfect matching with different setups and uses. Use the toggle switch to select:

• the top position to attenuate the top end (control by how much via set-and-forget internal trimmer)
• the middle position to retain a flat, full-range response
• the bottom position to introduce more mids (control by how much via set-and-forget internal trimmer) which are tuned to work equally great with single coils as well as humbuckers.

Pair the Boomster with any common 10k passive EXP pedal and travel from silence to unity gain when in buffered bypass mode, and from silence to where the Level is set when the Boomster is engaged.

JAM's goal for the Boomster was for it to also function as a great standalone buffer. During their R&D process the wizards at JAM tested most high-end buffers available in the market and found that many of them would either introduce an artificial, harsh top-end, and/or remove much wanted mids. In working towards addressing the above issues, the buffer they have designed not only restores the compromised signal without adding or subtracting frequencies, but also retains the original feel of your instrument.

Where the Boomster is designed to live is within the workflow of a pedalboard, restoring compromised feel and frequency content as well as musically providing 3 different shades of volume boost.

Add to the above to the EXP functionality, and the Boomster is likely to become one's unsung pedalboard hero. 

This next-level boost is ready to ship and hankering to be on your board, pronto! We ship out fast and free!