JC-120 Jazz Chorus Roland 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

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To express their gratitude to all their loyal customers throughout the world, Roland  presents the JC-120 Jazz Chorus Roland 50th Anniversary Limited Edition, a special collector’s version of the classic JC-120 Jazz Chorus amplifier.

A true legend in music history, the JC-120 has been in continuous production since 1975 and is Roland’s longest-running product. Offering the inspiring “JC clean” tone and immersive stereo chorus of the standard model, this special release features a natural cherry wood finish, dark gray grille cloth material, and a commemorative badge with a hand-engraved serial number. 

Affectionately known as “the king of clean,” the JC-120 has been a stage and studio mainstay for nearly five decades. Trendsetting guitarists such as Andy Summers, Jeff Baxter, Johnny Marr, Adrian Belew, and Billy Duffy—to name just a few—have used the amp on the most influential songs in music history. And when producers like Steve Levine, Gil Norton, and others look to drive tracks with killer clean tones, the JC-120 is always the top choice.

While the JC-120’s distinctively warm and punchy voice is unmatched for clean guitar tones, it’s also a great pedal platform that brings the best out of your favorite effects. The flagship JC-120 remains at the top of the Jazz Chorus family tree, which also includes the mid-size JC-40 and ultra-compact JC-22.

Offered in a one-time production run, the JC-120 Jazz Chorus Roland 50th Anniversary Limited Edition is destined to become a collector’s centerpiece. Just 350 amplifiers were distributed worldwide, (each with an individually numbered badge on the grille), and we are stoked to be one of the select few carrying this beauty!