Kay Vanguard III

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Kay made some of the funkiest, art deco guitars back in the 60's and this Vanguard III looks as cool and space age as any of them!

Crafted from poplar with a maple veneer, it features a neck with a soft, medium V neck profile (.967"-.983") that feels great under the fingers. The rosewood fingerboard sports a nice 9" radius.

 The real magic of this vintage piece are the stock trio of pickups (N: 5.78k, M: 5.66k, B: 5.52k) that are controllable with the 4-way rotary switch, three volumes, and three tones. Tons of Black Keys, Jack White and similar tones available with this beauty!

The 4-way selector allows you access to the neck pickup solo, the middle pickup solo, the bridge pickup solo, and the fourth position is all three pickups. In the all pickups position, you can still mix and EQ the pickups individually with the volume and tone knobs. Whatever tone you want, it's in there!

This guitar has been setup and given level frets by the pro luthiers here at EMS. The tremolo arm is missing but otherwise this guitar is stage/studio ready! 

It ships the next day with the included chipboard case (see pics).

If you have any questions about this guitar, or any of our gear, give us a shout here at the shop.