Kogoy Musical Devices Rachet Face (Silver)

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This is YOUR Ratchet Face. Thank you for welcoming this silicon fuzz into your life.

The Ratchet Face is only powered by a CENTER NEGATIVE boss style jack at 9 volts. Please do not use this pedal with a daisy chain setup or you will undoubtedly get an unpleasant squeal or siren sound, especially if there are digital pedals in the chain. We strongly recommend a high quality isolated power supply for all of Kogoy pedals.

The controls here are wonderfully simple, "PWN" adjusts volume and the "SC" knob is going to give you more dirt the further clockwise you go. 

This pedal is very lightly used but does have an indention around the footswitch most likely from foot wear. We'll ship this VERY rare fuzz to you super fast and super safe in its original...BAG! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!