Kogoy Musical Devices The 828 Bender

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Deep in the mountains of North Carolina, there are legendary pedals being born under the name Kogoy Musical Devices. Brilliant design coupled with tones reminiscent of the early fuzz boxes of the 70s, made with handpicked, quality components. 

The 828 Bender is a Mark II inspired fuzz circuit with a few extra bells and whistles and includes a combination of top notch new and new old stock components. The use of silicon transistors allows for temperature stable performance that is compatible with modern power supplies. Each transistor is tested for maximum sweetness, and by hand picking and testing the new old stock components within the audio path, Kogoy aims to capture and recreate some of the intangible magic of our favorite vintage gear. We love playing through this circuit, and we know you will too. 

Controls include "Vol" for the output level and "Gain" which controls the degree of saturation or "attack" of the effect. Additionally, The 828 Bender is equipped with a switch that allows you to choose either of two low pass filters (left or right) or no filter (default, middle position). The low pass filters allow you the subtly change the voicing of the pedal by filtering out some high frequencies (the left position is the darker of the two).

The left or right positions also provide the option of eliminating some noise which is intrinsic to this vintage circuit, if so desired. In the middle position, there is no low pass filter. This setting will allow the greatest amount of "clean-up" when dialing down your guitar's volume knob. 

This pedal can be operated by 9v power supply or a 9v battery with the battery snap inside the enclosure.