Korg MS-20 Synthesizer 1970s MIJ w/ VCT VT-500J Transformer Converter

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classic synth from the magical 1970s! Produced in Japan, the Korg MS-20 is one of the most unique and legendary synthesizers ever produced. While similar to many competing synths at the time featuring a 2 VCO / 2 VCF design, the MS-20 slated its self in it's legendary status in its large patch panel, allowing the user to significantly alter the signal flow, modulation routings, and process/interpret external signals in ways that other synths before (and after) have been able to do. This 'semi-modular' patching availability along with a sound so unique to itself was why this fantastic synth reached legendary status. It features two oscillators as well as lowpass and hi-pass filters.

With the likes of Aphex Twin, Vince Clarke, Portishead, and Daft Punk, you'll be in good company. 

This is an original Japanese version and it includes a VCT-500J transformer converter, a continuous use transformer that converts voltage to adapt the MS-20 to USA electricity.

This MS-20 is incredibly clean...like, for real. This things is cherry! It has recently been serviced having had all the keys and components cleaned, swollen filter caps replaced, and calibrated. It is ready for action! It will be packed securely and shipped lightning fast.