Korg NuVibe Vibrato Chorus Effector

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Big pedal, big tones! The legendary modulation effect unit, reborn with the help of the developer of the original model! Get after it! 

The inimitable sound of this distinctive modulation effect has been chased by guitarists of all stripes. Yet, because only a very small number of the original units exist, and because the circuit itself was not accurately understood and its components were difficult to obtain, it was rare to have the opportunity to try out the unit that produced these famous sounds. Such factors elevated the original to a semi-divine status.

Numerous clone models were produced by major manufacturers and boutique shops alike, but all of these remain facsimiles that are pale imitations of the original model.

Now, this legendary classic has been reborn. Starting with original circuits that simulate hard-to-obtain parts, the distinctive modulation sound has been perfectly reproduced. Not content with a simple reproduction, new WAVE sliders have been added, allowing original waveforms to be generated. The dedicated expression pedal is included, allowing the modulation effect to be controlled

This powerful modulation pedal (along with the expression pedal) is lightly used and works great. Get your eager hands on this bad boy today and we will ship it the next day with the original box!