Korg Volca Nubass Vacuum Tube Synthesizer

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Even today, when digital technology allows electronic musical instruments to simulate any sound imaginable, the warm harmonics and distortion produced by analog vacuum tubes is still the sound. This distinctive sound has a quality beyond words that sets it apart, and cannot be captured by a response curve; it's the unmistakable sound of tubes.

The volca nubass is the first analog synth to be equipped with a Nutube new-generation vacuum tube in its oscillator circuit. By incorporating a vacuum tube, nubass produces a warm, thick, and rich sound, unlike any digital or transistor-based synthesizer. The familiar transistor ladder filter along with overdrive, and huge-sounding distortion, gives it the unmistakable character of a classic bass machine. 
A truly unique bass machine for both classic and new sounds.

This powerful unit is lightly used and shows only minor outward signs of love and use. It works like a dream and ships the next day.