Lambeth Amplification JL-100

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No longer in existence, Lambeth handwired amps  walk the earth, rarely seen but in blurry photos and folk tales. Ok maybe they're not as rare as sasquatch, but being that Josh Lambeth made less than 50 amps during his company's short existence, the analogy holds up. 

Lambeth built some of the best damn boutique amps to come along. Built in California, incredibly high quality parts, meticulously hand wired, incredible tone. 

This head is a 100 watt beast that features a quad of 6L6's and three 12AX7's that are Fender Groove Tubes, Sylvanias, and Electro-Harmonix tubes. 

The JL-100 a simple amp with simple controls. Across the front you get Gain and Master controls, 3-Band EQ, and Presence. The Clean/High Gain switch is where the magic happens. Clean gives you big, ballsy Hi-Watt style cleans while High Gain pushes into Marshall land for big, classic rock/metal crunch. (note that these two channels are not footswitchable; toggle switch only).

On the backside you get a single speaker output jack, and 4/8/16 ohm impedance selector to match with your cab. 

It weighs in at 40 lbs.

This rare amp is very clean, lightly used and ready to crank! It ships lightning fast and will arrive to you safe and sound. 

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