Landscape HT-CC v1

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The HC-TT is a compact cassette manipulation device which allows you to manually play a cassette with your hands. The resulting sound can be incredibly similar to scratching a vinyl record. Sound will only be produced while your hands are turning the large playback knob. By turning this knob you are directly rotating the cassette spindles which moves the tape across the internal tape head. The knob “plays” a regular cassette forwards and backwards. There is no motor in this device, so direction and speed is left to the performer.

Cool little tip from Landscape about magnetic tape heads and their interference...

  1. Please note that certain electronic devices will create interference when near the HC-TT.

  2. It's recommended that devices such as phones, laptops, and ipads with not be closer than 1-2 feet away.

  3. Or, It's recommended that these devices are moved very very close to the HC-TT so that you can listen to the beautiful chatter of Wi-Fi, cellular space and glowing screens.

  4. Holding your computer phone in one hand open your email and refresh to see if any new exciting emails have arrived. (Turn down your speakers!) Keep refreshing over and over while moving the phone over the top of the HC-TT. You can find sweet spots where the signal is very loud and detailed. Maybe run these results through FX.

This guy is lightly used, but very clean and functions flawlessly. Power supply is NOT included. Ships stupid fast!