Lichtlaerm Audio .Ritual. Post Metal Distortion

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The .Ritual. started out as a custom order for customers who wanted to have the sound of Post Metal heroes Amenra in a box: Lichtlaerm Audio started sketching out a feature set, got in contact with the band, sent them a prototype and we ended up with this pedal:

A super organic, meaty distortion sound based on the classic Proco RAT that was vastly improved by using highest quality parts, adding an active 2 band Baxandall style tonestack, way more output and a bigger range on the gain-control than on the original.

A completely unique feature is the “Comp”-switch that adds 2 different clipping diodes to the first gain stage, adding compression, gain and smoothing out the gain structure bringing you into way more modern areas of sound than you’d ever expect from a RAT!

We also included an internal lowpass filter that gives you even more control over the sound! For the relaunch we added our proprietary “Cut”-control that gives you full control over the saturation and overall feel of the gain-structure: modern and percussive sounds, classic distortion with a good amount of hair and warmth or full on drone sounds that make you want to put on a robe and let your chords ring out for minutes!

The independently footswitchable boost circuit is a vastly improved version of their tried and proven boost from the “Altar” and gives you up to 35dB of slightly gritty boost than can be used as a full range boost ( O))), anyone?), mid-boost or a treble boost which cleans up the low end and adds a lot of nice harmonics.

This thing gives you anything from early Darkthrone up to Sunn O)))-like walls of drone, yet is best suited for Neurosis, Isis, Amenra like type sounds that have become synonymous with the term Post Metal!



  • Lichtlaerm Audio Smart Relay technology

  • 3 different clipping forms

  • “Comp”-switch to turn the first gain stage into 2 distinct forms of soft clipping overdrive, giving you modern sounds unheard of RAT-style pedals

  • “Cut” to define the overall feel and tightnessof the distortion

  • 2 band active EQ with fixed mid band

  • “Boost” switchable to full-range, mid and treble-focus

  • “Gain” & “Volume” with insane range and headroom

  • 9V center-negative power supply (27V internally created)