Magnatone Twilighter 22 Watt 1x12 Combo

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Hold on to your butts! This is one for the books. Yeah, you can call this amp used if you want to...but damn is it clean. "Still got the ol' tagger on it!" 

This 1x12 beauty is in the unique, hard-to-find blonde/oxblood color scheme but inside it's still the pure classic tone of the Twilighter.  It is fully stock and ready to rock.

The Twilighter picks up were the classic American combo amps of the past left off. With a pair of 6V6 power tubes and a GZ34 rectifier, it cranks out 22 watts of clean, robust tone through the onboard Magnatone Custom 12" Ceramic speaker. Rolling up the volume gives you tons of harmonic content that's complex and handles single coils or humbuckers with aplomb (had to dust off the thesaurus for that one). Crank the volume full bore and you'll recognize the classic breakup for all of the late 60s records you love.

Add the tube driven reverb, tremolo, and varistor true pitch shifting vibrato and you have a new American classic that is untouchable!

This amp could be considered B-Stock, because though it has been owned and lightly used, it's still in Mint condition. The included slip cover is clean with no tears, rips, stains, or otherwise. Even the box for the included footswitch will ship with it. 

This great, unique combo is ready to ship and ready to become your new rig. It will arrive to you packed securely and shipped safely, ready for stage or studio. 

If you have questions about this amp or any of our gear, give us a shout here at the shop!