Marantz Professional Personal Recording Studio PMD740

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High quality tape recording without breaking the bank.

The PMD 740 4 track recorder is one of the greatest cassette 4 tracks ever made. You can record on all 4 tracks at once and the transport is extremely smooth and reliable. The EQ section has a sweepable midrange with adjustable Q settings as well as fixed high and low EQ on all all 6 channels. DBX noise reduction, effects sends and returns, flexible inputs and outputs with direct channel outputs, 2 separate headphone outputs each with separate volume control, multiple locate markers, RTZ, 4 illuminated VU has it all.

Marantz is known for putting out high quality recorders with many features found in an analog studio console. This machine is in very good shape and has been taken care of properly.

We'll ship it swift and safe with it's original power supply and manual upon purchase!