Marshall 1960AX 4x12 Slant Cab

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The name alone is legendary. Marshall has been amplifying the legacies of everyone from Page and Hendrix to Morello and Malmsteen for over 50 years. This 90's reissue of the early 70s rock monster has the coveted basketweave grill cloth, a quad of Celestion Greenbacks, and the perfect tone and 16ohms output for your rawk licks (or blues, or doesn't discriminate). 

It bears a slight tear in grill cloth, ya know, so you know exactly where to put your mic. Despite the battle scars this cab works great and sounds incredible,

We can ship if you really wanna, but it ain't gonna be cheap. 

This cab will pair perfectly with either of the Marshall amp heads we have currently in our store (search our page to check those out!). Give us a call here at the shop if you have any questions.