Marshall JCM 25/50 Silver Jubilee Model 2555X

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I know you know what this is. The silver tolex and sparkly mirror front panel are unmistakable. This is a very clean reissue of the mighty Silver Jubilee JCM 25/50. The originals from the late 80s are hard to come by and worth a small fortune. Thanks the gods that Marshall through us gearheads a bone by reissuing this badass amp. 

This reissue is a 100W, two-channel beast that roars like a JCM oughta (but still somehow it manages to be quiet and low noise...must be witchcraft). Three band EQ, switchable High/Low output (100W/50W), and Presence controls grace the front panel. These are joined by a Master volume alongside a Master for the Lead channel, and an Input Gain control. There's push/pull capabilities and you can switch to the Lead channel with the included footswitch. It looks dangerously simple, but it's got cool shit hidden around every corner. 

The backside gives you multiple speaker cab outputs to match up you cab, DI out, and an effects loops. 

We're not drooling, you're drooling! 

On top of all this, this amp is barely used, was produced in 2020. and is practically untouched. It's basically as fresh as the day it left the store. Grab this RI of a rock n roll standard and we'll ship it out swiftly and safely to your door.