Marshall JCM 800 Lead Series Model 2210 2-Channel

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The JCM 800 is absolutely untouchable! Being the sound of the 80's and 90's, this amp itself constitutes a rock legend. This two channel JCM 8000 Model 2210 is the fire-breathing tone of rock n' roll we all lie awake at night trying to determine how to emulate. 

Loaded up with a quad of EL34's, it pushes 100W...enough for the biggest rooms and will damn sure handle the local club. And that's not all she's packing, the diodes in the circuit gives you loads of gain on tap. You can get classic heavy blues, rock, and metal tones and it can even hang with modern rock styles. 

Across the panel you've got Volume and 2- band EQ for the Normal channel for your crystalline, chimey clean tones. To the left is the fun channel...I mean, Boost channel with controls for Vol, Gain, & 3-band EQ to dial in in the punchy overdrive tones your heart desires. Finally there is a Master volume, presence, and Reverb control. Kick the Reverb on and off as well as switch between channels with the included two button footswitch. Sick!

Oh shit, there's more stuff on the back panel! This guy is loaded up with an effects loop to run your pedals through as well as a DI out with an output control. Then there's an impedance selector to match it up with your cab and also a variable mains power selector (for those of you who might be across the pond, guv'nor).

If you've never owned a Marshall, this is the one to snag. Or if you're an old school JCM aficionado, add this bad boy to your collection and watch your other amps get extremely jealous.

So what's the advantage of buying this one over another one listed? Well, we had the badass amp techs here at EMS go through this guy to insure that everything is clean and operational. This monster roars like no other. It has been freshly serviced including a full recap of filter and electrolytic caps, so you can keep that future repair money in your wallet and hold your complaints about the seller for a different transaction.

It shows very light signs of use with only a few bumps and dings in the tolex, hell, it's been around the world and ready for more. 

Feel free to call with any questions!