Marshall Model 1987 50W Plexi

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 The JMP50 watt Plexi amps from the late sixties are considered by many to be the best amps built by Jim Marshall since the original JTM45. This amp is capable of producing anything from a shimmering clean tone, to mild crunch, to full on heavy rock tones with the turn of a couple knobs. It's no wonder players like Hendrix, Page, Beck, and Clapton all gravitated towards this amp at some point in their playing careers. If you're searching for the tones of rock and roll's golden age, this is the amp that can take you there.

We've got this one pinned down to late 60's, possibly early 70's. We have reason to believe it is a '68 due to some of the components used in the circuit.

The following modifications are worth noting; both the Power and Output transformers have been replaced and upgraded to Mercury Magnetics. The filter caps have been replaced, the pots have been replaced, and the impedance selector on the back has been replaced with a rotary switch. Typical changes and repairs for a vintage amp to make it more reliable in the modern time. This one is definitely meant for a player, not a collector.

This specimen in particular has some battle scars. The tolex is ripped at some of the corners, and it is currently missing the Marshall logo badge. (replacement on the way!) We happen to think it looks pretty sweet. Cosmetic blemishes generally mean it's been gigged a lot, and that makes perfect sense; you're going to want to play this thing A LOT! The good news here is it comes with a nice Gator road case for your next world tour.