Marshall Lead 100 2098 State Head 1976

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The Super Lead was Marshall's first transistor based amp to hit the market. Featuring two channels (each with their own input, and a third input that combines them!), the Master volume control couple with the channels' Volume controls get you the level of crunch and power you need! 

A pair of slider switches that give you Cut and Boost functions (the Boost gives you a gutsy, fuzzy tone). 

Looking across the rest of the panel you get Bass, MId, and Treble controls and Presence. So dial away! Your tone awaits!  *cue beach sound effects*

This solid state daddy is over 45 years old and it still looks good for its age. It's got bumps and bruises and small tolex tears consistent with its age. But its time on this earth has not been abusive. It looks great and works great!

The pro techs here at EMS have ensured that everything in this amp is clean, tight, and sounding right. It will ship out lightning fast!

If you have any questions about this amp, or any of our gear, give us a shout here at the shop!