Martin 5-17T Tenor Guitar 1929

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It's not every day you get to play an instrument that is nearly a century old. This guitar lived through World War II, the Civil Rights Movement, the Grunge era, and somehow landed here in our shop almost a hundred years later.

This beautiful little tenor guitar is just a delight to play. The mahogany body just springs to life as soon as you strum a chord on it, like it's yearning to tell you all the stories of its past. The neck, also constructed of mahogany, has a thickness of 0.779" at the 1st fret, and 0.897" at the 12th, with a rosewood fretboard and a nut width of 1.23".

Obviously this thing has been through a lot, you know what to expect with a guitar that has been played for nearly a hundred years. The usual wear and tear, dings, chips, scratches, etc. A few added braces on the inside, a side patch in the upper bout on the treble side, a minor crack at the waist on the bass side which has been repaired, some dents in the back of the neck, and a chip on the headstock near one of the tuners. All purely cosmetic wear, that do not detract from the playability or how incredible it sounds. 

In addition to the playwear, it has also at some point in its life received a replaced nut and bridge.

Our killer techs here at EMS have given this incredible vintage instrument a fresh setup and leveled the frets to ensure that it plays as well as it did when it left the shop in Nazareth, PA back in 1929. It doesn't have a case with it, but we'll pack it nice and safe and ship it to you super fast. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!