Matchless King Cobra

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Matchless amps are nigh untouchable in terms of tone, dynamics, clarity, everything. All the things! The King Cobra could be the last amp you ever have to buy (shyeah. right. And monkeys might fly outta my butt). Ok, so maybe there's other amps you'll buy because we gearheads can't help ourselves. BUT, the King Cobra will rule the den!

The single channel King Cobra is a 30 watt amplifier based on the C-30 power section and offers both Reverb and Tremolo making it one of Matchless's most feature packed amps.

Across the front panel you've got controls for volume, master tone, tremolo speed & depth, reverb, cut and master volume.  It has the same features as the tried-and-true Cobra with the exception of 2 x EL34 tubes instead of 4 x EL84 tubes. High/low power switch, speaker phase selector.  It has one EF86, four 12AX7s, two EL34s, and one 5AR4/GZ34.


This beast of an amp is lightly used, and sounds absolutely amazing. This thing is pretty hefty, so we would really rather not ship this big fella, but if you absolutely can't live without it, give us a call and we can see what we can work out!